Interlock & Landscaping

Bernwood is distinguished for its attention to detail when providing your interlock and landscaping solutions. We work with Permacon, Techno bloc, Banas stone and natural stones of all sizes and shapes. Bernwood’s proof of quality interlock craftsmanship is in its 2-year warranty.

Our projects range from residential walkways to commercial properties requiring anything from sidewalk repairs to backyard oases. In light of the Ottawa bylaw that now allows interlock areas on residential front lawns, Bernwood has installed many car park areas.


Bernwood works with Freelink Wireless Irrigation, which has the potential to help conserve water in retrofit, golf, commercial and agriculture irrigation systems. Studies have shown water savings from 40 to 70%. Moisture sensors in the ground relay information for the water to be turned off once the ground has absorbed its maximum water intake.

Other companies rely on subcontractors to fulfil your landscaping needs. Bernwood’s complete package includes qualified employees who can install, update and maintain a hands-free irrigation system that will keep your gardens and landscape lush throughout the season.

Bernwood provides superb quick service, repairs, new and retrofit residential and commercial systems, and start-up/winterizing systems.

Commercial Lawn/Snow

Commercial Lawn & Snow service section is under construction.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting service section is under construction.

L & B Night
3D Design

Bernwood works with you to create 3-dimensional, to-scale landscape and interior drawings that build on your vision. This process allows us to tailor the design to your specifications before work begins, thereby minimizing costly adjustments during implementation.

We strive to provide an outdoor and indoor living space that meets your needs while presenting a beautiful finish.

Other Services
  • • sod & seeding
    • fencing, decking, pergolas & gazebos
    • ponds, fountains & streams
    • retaining walls & steps
    • swimming pools
    • landscaped gardens
    • outdoor kitchens
    • playgrounds
    • green roofing
    • excavation
    • home renovations